From 2012 to 2015 I worked on the series Blue, See – Mount Song – Los Domadores. For this project I spent several months in schools where discipline creates order. Day after day, I lived with the students to gain their trust. I was interested in the fact that these young boys were living together separated from their parents and learned something very specific, determinative for their future. What does that do to a child? I’ve tried to capture the meaning that emerges from this kind of upbringing.

As an outsider, I struggle with preconceptions, and as an artist with choices that prevent myself from fully experiencing their reality. I was aware that I was constructing incomplete stories. For this reason, I handed out cameras for the boys to take pictures themselves. Placing the students’ own spontaneous and unedited pictures alongside my own, made me aware of the complex point of view of a photographer. Maybe my subjects (these children) felt different? How would another photographer capture them in these schools? To me, a new consciousness regarding the subjectiveness of the one holding the camera and telling a story throughout his work. This was the starting point of my interest in the relationship between subject and photographer.

The book was published by Hannibal in 2015 and was exhibited at BOZAR Brussels, Kunsthal Rotterdam and Caermersklooster Ghent.