Miles Away (34')
A video documentary by Titus Simoens, Daniel Dumitrescu and Bram Mervillie

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Cow Camp, Idaho 2009. The closest grocery store is about an hour drive away.
You can go for miles and miles in any direction without finding any signs of civilization.
At the end of each year, during 'round up',
this place is packed with people who help bring the cattle down to the valley
before the frost of winter takes over.

It's August 2009 now and it feels like Cow Camp is the most desolate place in the world.
For six months, this is the place that Gene and Josh, two young cowboys, call home.
During this time, it's their duty to take care of the cattle, doctor them if needed,
manage the land and repair the fences.

The small house that they live in only provides them with the most basic needs.
Running water or electricity are luxuries that are out of place in the life they live at Cow Camp.
Life out here is tough, but it is their friendship and the love of the lifestyle that keeps them going.

To Gene and Josh there is no existence more sacred.
Born a cowboy, die a cowboy.